Hubert Nakitare, better known as Nonini is one of Kenya’s most famous Urban Music Artistes. He is the Godfather of Genge (Mass Music), and the one artiste who brought to life one of Kenya’s biggest and most influential recording studios (Calif Records), Nonini has been in the industry for 10 years now signed to Decimal Records.

Born in October 1982 in Nairobi’s California Estate in Eastlands, the young Nonini caught the ‘freestyling’ bug in 1999 like many other of his peers when Urban Kenyan Music was kicking in. A friend and fellow MC (T.I.T.O.) introduced him to Clement Rapudo and Paul Nunda, better known as Clemo (the producer) and Juacali (the artiste) and together they began the ‘Genge (Mass Music) Revolution’.

Entrepreneurship has always been in Nonini’s blood. He owns a clothing line called Nonini Wear and a Video Production Agency called Pro Habo.

Nonini is currently a free lance artiste, recording music in the different production houses and recording studios as he feels fit for any particular song he does.


Facebook: Nonini?

Twitter: @Noninimusic


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