Prezzo (also known as CMB Prezzo, real name Jackson Ngechu Makini) is a Kenyan singer best known as one of the celebrity housemates on the seventh season of the reality competition television series Big Brother Africa, in 2012.

Prezzo was born in Nairobi in 1980 and grew up in the streets of Eastleigh. He started his music dream way back but only blew up in the early years of the 21st century. He describes his early years as being hectic especially school was just not one of his favourite things to do.

When he was 16, he ran away from home when his mother insisted that he take his school work seriously. He escaped from home and went to stay with a friend with whom he would party the whole week. However, he eventually returned home because he realised he could not party forever.

His debut album “Naleta Action” was released in 2004 and included tracks like Naleta Action, Let’s Get Down, Mahangaiko, Leo ni Leo, Mimi na Wewe and Mafans, among others. This album also featured his own mother – who sang a few lines in one of the songs.

Prezzo was widely accepted in East Africa and his popularity heightened by his flossing antics. He is well known for his flashy lifestyle consisting of expensive jewellery, lavish clothing, flashy cars among an array of other fine things.

Prezzo featured in a love ballad with his then girlfriend titled “Tazama Mbele” produced by Ennovator, the producer behind Samawati productions. The video directed by Tedd Josiah was a hit and went straight to the top of the East African TV chart and held for over eight weeks.

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